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Reference # : 14-00152 Title : Machine Designer (14-00152)
Location : Sterling Heights, MI
Position Type : Direct Placement
Experience Level : Start Date : 03/04/2014  
Greetings to our new direct placement applicants from GTA.

Title: Machine Designer (14-00152)

Location: Sterling Heights, MI
Base Compensation: $52-72K
Type of hire: Direct

Position Summary:
Mechanical concept and design of functional machines and tooling utilizing standards, specifications and line up information presented by the Engineering Manager, Supervisor or Leader.

Position Responsibilities:
Mechanical concept and design based on line up, specifications and part/vehicle data.
Able to use standard or reference designs for creation of new designs.
Prepare designs utilizing 2D and 3D CAD.
Create accurate B.O.M.'s utilizing Made to Manage.
Able to perform and document basic calculations to verify design integrity, such as beam stress calculations.
Thorough knowledge of manufacturing principles.
Thorough knowledge of commercial technology used as a tool for creation of designs.
Knowledge and proper use of materials and commercially available stock.
Organizing and maintaining CAD files.
Knowledge and use of the company's Standards.
Knowledge and use of Industry Engineering Standards for construction and clarification of assembly drawing.
Knowledge and use of Industry Standards for safety and ergonomics.

Position Requirements:
Experience in special machine design preferred.
Must be experienced in 2D Autocad. Also must be experienced in either Inventor 3D, Mechanical Desktop or SolidWorks.
Looking only for people who want a long-term career in mechanical engineering.
Team Player who can work within an ISO9001:2000 environment.

Please acknowledge that you understand that your answers to the following questionnaire will be part of your submittal to our client, and that you will answer each question as thoroughly and professionally as possible.

1. Please describe your prior experience with mechanical concept and design based on line up, specifications and part/vehicle data.
2. On a scale of 1-10 (10 best), please rate your experience with the following:
a. AutoCAD
b. Inventor 3D
c. Mechanical Desktop
d. Solidworks
3. Please provide details of any specific achievement(s) that you would like to highlight from your career that would make you a great fit for this position?
4. What is the highest level of education you have completed? Which field of study is this degree in and from which university did you graduate?
5. Are you currently working? If not, when was your last day of employment?
6. Can you please list why you left or why you are looking to leave your most recent employer?
7. Can you list why you left each of your past employers, please?
8. Do you have any gaps in your employment longer than 3 months? If so can you explain these gaps?
9. What is your current / last salary?
10. What is your "acceptable and "ideal base compensation for this position? We would like to make sure we don't price you out of consideration, but you know what the numbers are that you need (Please Do Not put negotiable)
11. When would you be available to interview and start this position, if selected?
12. If you currently do not live near the job location and the commute is too far for you, are you willing and able to relocate at your own expense?
13. Are you able to work in the U.S. without need for a Visa, other than a TN Visa for Canadian citizens?

If you apply on line to a customer, your name gets logged into their computer system and then when we submit you, it comes back to us rejected as a duplicate - and there is no guarantee that your online submittal gets reviewed in a timely manner - or at all. It is simply a function of how many human and software resources they have or don't have to review hundreds of online submittals. That is why firms engage outside staffing suppliers such as GTA in order to help them through the maze of applicants. Stick with GTA and we will get your resume in front of those who can decide. That would include the HR or Recruiting Manager and more importantly, the hiring manager.

Thank you very much in advance for submitting your resume. If you are submitting your resume on our website, there is a section marked "Message ". Please add your answers to our candidate pre-screening questions in this section when you apply. You will find the pre-screening questions at the bottom of the job description.

We will get back to you as soon as the customer provides feedback. Thank you for choosing GTA as your job search partner.